FVT3 Prandtl Flying Wing

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We like to give our customers something different and the FVT3 Wing is going straight to the top of that list.

We will release more details soon with a background to the design goals from the designer Marko Stamenovic. Marko did the clever aerodynamics using Prandtl bell shaped lift distribution theory, we turned it into an easy to build model.

Flying wise the Wing flies no different to any other model, Whilst its definitely not aerobatic it is incredibly stable, in particular its pitch stability is better than any other flying wing I have ever flown.

Kits include a Dedicated 3mm Poplar ply Building jig, Poplar ply spars, Balsa Ribs and wing sheeting, Nylon control horns, vaccum formed servo covers and battery hatch along with a  Prandtl Decal.

1156mm Span and approximate flying weight of 325-350g

If your interested in being put on the waiting list for a kit please use the contact us form below