Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Okay so its probably fair to say I've been around model aircraft for quite a while now. The character hiding behind the wing mirror is my late brother who would have loved to share my journey with me. Possibly one of the most gifted model fliers I've ever had the pleasure to fly with. Mainly because his building skills were a little lacking. Not because he couldn't build, just because his passion was flying. It was all about flying for fun. 

So I guess that left me more of the "Geeky" one. Whilst I enjoy my flying for me I love to create. Over the years I've become an 'unintentional aerodynamicist' I don't design with a spreadsheet, formulas or any preconceived formulae. I design from experience. Stealing sheets of balsa wood from the scrap box, hacking them into some sort of shape, taping a nail, sometimes several to the from of what I learnt to be the fuselage, throwing it hard and see what happens. Its amazing what you can repair with PVC insulation tape, it also works great as a trim tab, or even a 'fin'. We all have little mottos in life and one of mine is 'Innovation is formed from experimentation, not because we need to do something, but because we chose to try something new'

I've worked in and out of the model trade, as well a store Manager for Maplin Electronics, a TV Video Engineer, and latterly a Photocopier / printer Engineer.

2007 is when AngelWingDesigns as a brand was born through tragic circumstances. Many of the pilots and spectators of the BMFA English Electric Masters will know that we lost our baby girl. It is Katie who wore the Angel Wings first and I needed a focus. I was heavily focused on Indoor aerobatics at this time designing, and set up the English Electric Masters competing at F3P and F3P-AM.
The Indoor Depron models were the first of my designs to bear the AngelWingDesigns name. My designs were well recognised due in part to the flowing lines and unusual features. These kits fulfilled my passion for designing and creating. They also lead to the need to design a large format CNC router that I had no prior knowledge of, that was the start of my CAD journey.