Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Carbon Tissue
Carbon Tissue
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Carbon Tissue

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Carbon Feather

9gsm Carbon Fibre Tissue.
Nominal pack size of 1000x290mm

This is not a wet strength paper tissue or suitable for covering open structure airframes. This is an ideal material for adding strength to delicate structural parts or laminating lightweight balsa and ply components.

This Carbon Tissue should be laminated with low viscosity resin systems for the best finish and strength. It can also be bonded with thin CA adhesives, or other laminating / finishing systems such as floor varnish.

This carbon fibre tissue is a  highly porous nonwoven tissue produced from short chopped engineered fibres. It has been specifically developed for use in advanced composite structures and are used in a variety of industries worldwide, including aerospace, defence, automotive, construction, industrial, consumer electronics and energy.

The key benefits  include; excellent resin uptake, and exceptionally even fibre distribution, ideal  for providing a high quality surface finish and effective surface engineering of composites, as well as aiding fabrication through acting as a lightweight support or carrier.

Compatible with all common resin systems and fabrication techniques.