Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Feather Cover
Feather Cover
Angelwing designs

Feather Cover

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  • Lightweight
  • Low Shrink
  • Self Adhesive
  • Iron on

Dont just take our word for it! 

" I just covered my micro Sinbad with your Feather Covering and I must say, that stuff is
outstanding. Easiest iron on covering I have ever used. No warps,
and light as a "Feather" "

At approximately 20gsm this lightweight covering material is ideal for the UMX glider range, along with the Pug DLG and Pug Twisty.

What makes this material especially suitable for the UMX gliders is its moderate shrink compared to traditional iron on coverings. This makes it easier to cover these lightweight delicate structures whilst minimizing the chance of inducing warps.

The finish is either reminiscent in appearance of doped tissue or a totally transparent plastic film that catches and reflects light with a shimmer.