Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Genteel Lady
Genteel Lady
Genteel Lady
Genteel Lady

Genteel Lady

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Our latest edition to our 1200mm span Sub 250g Glider range to compliment the very popular Dune Freak.  Our new "Genteel Lady" yes we know it looks just like a "Gentle Lady" That is because it is exactly what we wanted it to look like, right down to the number of wing ribs. We also wanted to keep the same feel for the tail surfaces.

So what is different. Well we have built ours to a projected wing span of 1200mm and uses a modified AG25 airfoil section. This gives us a thinner wing with camber that should not only respond to lift better but give better penetration too.

6mm x 3mm Basswood spars are utilised top and bottom to take the strain of bungee launches and rough handling by beginners.

Kit Contents

  • Bass wood main wing spars
  • Balsa Strip wood
  • Laser cut balsa and plywood parts
  • Laserboard band protector
  • Plastic Pushrod Sleeves
  • 0.8mm Wire Pushrods
  • 5mm Carbon wing bands dowels
  • Pk 6 Rubber wing bands
  • Full sized plans
  • Vinyl Decal
Wing Span 1200mm  47.25 "
Wing Area 17.8 dcm2 275.5 sq "
Wing Loading 9.15g / dcm2 3oz sq ft
Wing Sections AG25 Mod AG25 Mod
Length 630mm 24.75"
Empty weight from xxx g
Flying weight from 163g 5.75oz
Servos 3 - 5g
RX Battery 2s 350 + BEC
4 cell 230 NIMH

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