Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Angelwing designs


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Approved by PB models we are proud to bring you the JPS3-Mini.
The original JPS3 is a E2K Compliant pylon racer, our mini version is just 700mm
span with speed to match or rival its full sized counterpart. Designed as a compact one piece model that is ready to go at a moments notice.

4s Full on "Mind Bender mode"

  • 700mm Span, 126mm Chord
  • Approx 0.95sqft Wing area
  • Typical flying weight 270g (4s 650mah)
    can be built to 250g for spirited sport flying with 3s batteries
  • Approx 10oz sqft wing loading
  • Length including motor approx 520mm

  • Veneered foam wings
  • Triangular balsa wing tips and for easy shaping
  • 1.5mm Birch plywood dihedral brace
  • Laser cut 2.5mm balsa fuselage with Naca style cooling vents
  • 0.4mm "laserboard" fuselage doublers
  • Laser Cut 3mm Balsa Tail surfaces
  • Poplar plywood fuselage formers
  • Birch plywood removable motor mount
  • Self tapping screws for motor mount
  • m3x5mm bolts for 22XX series motors
  • Magnetic fuselage hatch
  • 0.8mm Piano wire Aileron Pushrods
  • 2mm Tube carbon fiber elevator pushrod
  • Poplar ply servo cut for Kingmax KM04 5.7g metal geared servos or similar
  • Vibrant and bold vinyl decal

    Suggested set up

  • Suitable for 3s 650 or 850mah Lipo or 4s 650 Lipo
  • 3 x 5g Metal geared servos
  • 4 Channel Micro RX

  • 2203.5 1500kv - 4s Lipo - HQ Prop 5x5 (2blade) 18 amp esc
  • 2203.5 2850kv - 3s Lipo - HQ Prop 5x5 (2blade) 18 amp esc
  • 2203.5 2850kv - 4s Lipo - HQ Prop 5x5 (2blade0 40amp esc

  • Also suitable for 2205 - 2207 motors 1500 - 2850kv. These are potentially very high power setups and you should research the motor choice and pick carefully.