Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Micro Dammit S
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Micro Dammit S

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Micro Dammit-S Flying wing kit.
Whilst diminutive in stature the Micro Dammit S is huge fun.
Super quick to build with very little sanding or shaping required.
At around 90g flying weight this tiny little flying wing (495mm span) can be flown even on the smallest of slopes. If the wind picks up the plywood ballast box will hold approx 30g of ballast  
The roll rate can be insane but with 60% expo on both aileron and elevator the Dammit can be thrown around with accuracy and slowed down to a crawl. The Stall is very gentle with the nose just bobbing up and down gently in a hyperstall thanks to the constant thickness wing.
The fuselage has a large snap on hatch on the bottom allowing easy access to the electronics and RX battery. Any 6ch Park Flier style receiver should fit with ease.

Careful selection of covering is required and standard weight heat-shrink covering should not be used. Our prototypes are both covered in Oracover Oralight 


  • 495mm Wingspan
  • Flying Weight approx 90 - 120g 
  • Traditional Balsa and Plywood construction with a 3mm Carbon Tube leading edge.


Suggested Electronics

  • 2 off 2.5g - 4g Servos
  • 4 - 6 Channel Park Flier style receiver
  • GNB 350mAh 2S 70C LiHV Battery
  • Matek 5v BEC or AWD Pre Wired Bec


Kit Contains

  • Laser cut balsa and plywood interlocking parts
  • 2.5mm Balsa Wing Ribs
  • 2.5mm Balsa main spar and trailing edge
  • 2.5mm Balsa elevons and fin and wing tips
  • 1.5mm Balsa wing sheets
  • 1.5mm Plywood formers for ballast box
  • 1.5mm Plywood control horns
  • 3mm Carbon tube leading edge
  • 0.8mm Piano wire for elevon pushrods

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