Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Mini Glider Pod
Mini Glider Pod
Mini Glider Pod
Angelwing designs

Mini Glider Pod

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Please note colours may vary.

Can be used on a range of mini gliders around 175 - 300g weight.

Specifically developed for our 1200mm Span Genteel Lady kit.

3D printed electric power pod in an slightly unusual pusher configuration.
The pusher system allows for a small folding propeller to be used without the risk of it snagging on the motor pylon. Curvature on the base plate designed to fit against the leading edge of an AG25 wing section. 

For added convenience on our own models we leave the esc in the fuselage of the aircraft, doubling as a BEC to power the RX and servos in pure glider mode without the pod fitted. A pair of 3pin JTXH connectors (like used on a lipo balance plug) proved ideal for the task. Look out for the how to videos on Nick Chitty Flying over on Youtube.
The motor leads can be routed internally and pass through a small hole at the front of the pylon. The motor mount itself allows for some adjustment of the thrust line. We suggest that you just spot glue the mount initially and make adjustments if required.
The amount of up thrust needed will vary from model to model and the CG can also have an impact upon this.

Supplied either as lightweight 3D printed pylon and separate motor mount or as a
downloadable file for use with most filament 3D printers. 

Download the mesh files here :- Pylon, Motor mount

Please note that the motor and propeller are NOT included.

Recommended parts

iFlight XING2 1404 3800KV - 4600KV Motor
(This motor is know to fit the push on propeller, some motor shafts are slightly undersize on other brands that we have tested) 

Hobbywing Flyfun 6A Speed Controller or similar

2s 300 - 350mah Lipo

F959.007 Propeller Kit Replacement for WLtoys (available from ebay, ali express etc)