Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Dammit E v2
Dammit E v2
Dammit E v2
Dammit E v2
Angelwing designs

Dammit E v2

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The all new Sub 250g Dammit V2 is now available

Whats new?

Lighter Overall construction

Increased wing span for even lower wing loading and further improved low speed.
Optional Rudder as standard on all kits
Servo are buried within the wing with just the servo arms and pushrods exposed.
D box sub ribs for a smoother leading edge and reduced drag.
All Balsa Ribs.

The speed range and roll rate are breath taking yet the Dammit is 
capable of landing at a crawl or near stationary in a headwind.
The Stall is pretty much none existent to optimised wing sections and blunt leading edge.
The wing just nods slightly and never drops a wingtip or bites.

On low rates and a 5x3 prop and 3s 1000mah this is a great sport model and would suit anyone with aileron experience. 

However Drop on a 5x5 Prop and 3s 1000s and the beast starts to come alive, increase the control throws and the roll rate becomes a blur, and the rate of turn in high G corners is more like a computer game than real life!.

Al this on a £10 2205 2300kv Brushless motor normally used on Quad copters

Drop in a 2207 2600kv motor and 4s high C 650mah packs and you had better be prepared. The Dammit now covers the sky at alarming rates, As the speed increases the rate or turn and the roll rate just increases too. You thought our Blink was fast? Well think again!

Tech Spec

  • Wing Span 750mm
  • Wing Chord 245mm
  • Flying weights sub 250g possible. 

Recommend RC Equipment

  • 2 or 3 AWD503MG Metal geared servos
  • 30 - 40 amp esc dependent motor choice
  • 2205-2300kv to 2207-2600kv Brushless motor
  • 5x3 - 5x5 2 bladed prop
  • 3s 1000mah to 4s 650mah High C lipo battery
  • Small 4 to 6 channel Receiver

Kit Contains

  • Laser cut ply and Balsa wood parts
  • Hardwood dowel leading edge
  • 3d Printed control horns
  • Carbon fibre pushrods
  • Plastic Snap links for pushrod ends
  • Magnets for the Hatch Catch
  • Full sized plan
  • Pre cut Vinyl Dammit text logo
  • Optional 3 Colour Vinyl decal set.

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