Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
Looks good. Flies good. Easy to build.
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Dammit S
Dammit S
Dammit S
Dammit S
Dammit S
Dammit S
Dammit S
Angelwing designs

Dammit S

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With a wide speed range and incredible roll rate the Dammit has something to offer most slope pilots looking for a small compact sport model to sneak in the car for holidays etc.

The Stall is pretty much none existent to optimised wing sections the wing just nods slightly and never drops a wingtip or bites. CG isn't critical like a lot of other slope wings so no more requirements to balance to within 1mm.

On low rates this is a great sport model and would suit anyone with aileron experience. 

The Kit has an interlocking structure elimanting the need for a plan along with fast accurate assembly.

Tech Spec
  • Wing Span 700mm
  • Wing Chord 245mm
  • Flying weight around 300g with a 4cell AAA battery and 30g of noseweight

Recommend RC Equipment

  • 2 x 7.5g - 9g Metal geared servos
  • 4 cell AAA receiver battery
  • Small 4 to 6 channel Receiver

Kit Contains

  • Laser cut ply and Balsa wood parts,, hardwood dowel leading edge
  • 3D printed control Horns
  • Carbon fibre pushrods
  • Plastic Snap links for pushrod ends
  • 3D printed magnetic canopy catch

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